4,400ft.-10,400ft(1,330m -3,180m) above sea level

During summer, spring and fall
you will enjoy fresh alpine beauty
in the midst of a wealth
of outdoor opportunities.

The area is filled with superior sites,
secluded hiking & riding trails,
tennis courts, and hot springs.

It's nice "Comfortable climate"
cool & dry

Most of mountain resort areas in Japan are very touristy and holiday makers in everywhere..... people visit Norikura area to enjoy vacation in harmony with nature......it is really beautiful, quiet and not too spoiled yet.

" Live Webcam Norikura"

Mt. Norikura: It's a really exceptional area
.....magnificent view
to the Norikura Skyline over 9,000 ft.(2,700m),

Space Observatory and Solar Observatory located almost at the summit
.....one of the best places to look up at the night sky

The bus is available almost all the way to the top. (July.1st - Oct. 31st) alpine meadow.

Bandokoro Water Fall

Autumn color of Kuraigahara

Alpine flower(Ichinose in Spring)

Sanbondaki water fall

Sanbon-daki waterfalls: One of the most famous waterfalls in Nagano pref.
.....three beautiful waterfalls coming together into one basin.
There are also other beautiful waterfalls such as
Zengorono-taki and Bandokorono-taki.

Ski mountaineering & Sunrise in Daisekkei area

Bus run to Tatamidaira (2,708m parking area) till Oct. 31st. 1,100yen (2,000yen/RT)
- Jul, Aug, Sep Oct
Kanko Center to Tatamidairar 6:00 - 16:00 (every hour) 7:00 - 16:00 (every hour)
Tatamidairar to Kanko Center 7:00 - 17:00 (every hour) 8:00 - 17:00 (every hour)

till early Aug

Bus run to Tatamidaira for visitors to look at the rising sun till Sep. 30st.
- July Aug Sep
Kanko Center to Tatamidairar 3:40 - 4:30 3:50 - 4:40 4:10 - 5:00

Ichinose: The beauty of alpine flowers blooming in the birch wood.
.....variety of hiking trails & cycling roads by the river,
pretty ponds & water falls in this meadow.

Norikuradake-shitsugen is one of the important wetlands in Japan
" . . . . Water meets Life"

mountain biking

Zengoro W.F.
Ushidome pond

beauty of autumn leaves.
(mid' Sep.-end' Oct.)

Swiss-No-Mori: Recreation area for the entire family.

......fishing, Japanese-style mallet golf for children to elderly people,
putter golf course(outdoor mini-golf) & BBQ garden.
playground, giant slides, splash pond & etc. for kids.

........soaking in the hot spring,
make you feel relax & comfortable after nature walk.

Yukemurikan: Very popular milky white hot spring
- Open 9:30 - 21:00(no admission after 20:00)
- indoor & outdoor hot tub
- adult: 700yen/person Children: 300yen
- 25min walk from Mizushiro

outdoor hot tub

Open door, admission free, 20min walk fr Mizushiro.

Mt. Hotaka: Magnificent mountain scenic area. Taishoike, a mysterious pond created by volcanic activity, today is turning into a swamp in the virgin forest.
There is a monument of Walter Weston who introduced the Japan Alps to the world.

(Apr. 27- Nov. 15)

Mountaineering Japan Northern Alps.
Yarigatake(3,180m), with its unique spear shaped pinnacle is the most distinctive mountain and also one of the best hikes with 360-degree views over the entire Alps.
(take 2-3days depending on the route.)

Mt. Hotaka Mt. Yarigatake

Shirahone Spa

Shirahone Spa: A famous milky white hot spring
at the foot of high mountains.

To Mt. Norikura
Red Leaves
:Major credit card required to guarantee room, We are not going 
to charge any deposit in advance. 7 days cancellation policy.
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Accommodation Transportation A family of 3 Backyard Ski & Snowboard
smoke-free Onsen(Spa)