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The lucid Azusa river
flowing down from the beautiful Hotaka Mountains range
and the morning mist that surrounds the mountains,
makes you wonder!

a mountain resort that is representative of Japan,
is always pack with lots of people during the weekends and summer holidays!

At times of congestion, even the latest time to leave Kamikochi is about 1 or 2PM...
You may have to spend quite sometime to wait for the bus/taxi during the peak period..
If you wish to take leisure walks, well.. it is best to be taken before noon!
Private cars are not allowed to enter Kamikochi,
so the below are a couple of methods to make your way to Kamikochi

From Sawando Carpark(700yen/day) Change bus or taxi
If possible, do try to reach Sawando before noon.
.........The queue for waiting the bus out of Kamikochi may be very long
(especially during the peak season, it may take you 1 to 2 hours)
Therefore, do try to finish your walks before noon and take an earlier bus
out of Kamikochi in the afternoon.
Bus Fare: Sawando ==> Kamikochi 1,300Yen/single trip, 2,400yen/r.trip

Norikura Kogen <==> Kamikochi (Local Bus)

Myojin Pond, early autumn

Kamikochi Visitor Centre..........<<Osamu's suggestion >>
Over here, there are exhibits concerning Kamikochi's nature, educational video shows, slide shows and movies as well as basic knowledge that is related to Kamikochi, and information that allows you to understand more about the Mother Nature... Do drop by here to look at the animals and plants before the hike! The lovely flowers and plants, and the cute little animals will charm you, making your hiking day an enjoyable and memorable one!
Even at peak periods, do come here too. Pick a place that you like, relax, close your eyes and listen. Initially, you will hear the chirping sounds of the birds and following that, is the symphonies from the Mother Nature..
The moving music will help you relax and recover from your tiredness. (^^)v

To reach the visitor centre, take the route from the Bus Terminal to Kappabashi Bridge, do not cross the bridge and walk for another 2-3 minutes. You will see it.
Opening Period: Open everyday until Nov/15.(From Nov/16 onwards - closed for winter)
Opening Hours: 8:00 till 17:00 7:00 till 18:00 (Jul/20 till Aug/20)
Telephone: 0263-95-2606
Free Admission

Live Webcam

If you would like to attempt trekking
that brings you away from the turmoils of the world...!

Embraced by the Northern Alps,
you can find great pleasures in
in hikking, photography, birds watching etc.

After closing (mid-Nov till mid-Dec)
.......Kamikochi, visited by the winter, has Hotaka Mountains
wearing a white simple coat who awaits quietly with Taishoike.
The magnificent panaroma of Japan's leading mountain picturesque
scenery is quietly extending itself.

Before opening (mid-March till mid-April)
.........The willow, which waits for the spring, burst into bud.
You can walk freely in Kamikochi which is closed to snow.
If weather's fine, you may even try X-Country skiing or
snowshoe walk

Yarigatake, Hotaka Range - the mountaineers'
Mountain Climbing! Would you like to climb up to Nishiho, Maeho, Okuhotaka
the central of the Northern Alps, Kitaho and even Yarigatake!
Well-maintained trails with convenient approach, high quality mountain huts,
and mountains that are so rich in characteristics. This is Japan's one of the most distinctive,
unique mountaineering location....... the vegetation and animals that you see along the way,
will enrich your memories. These routes could also be a great challenge for beginners,
as long as when the snow has not set in.

You can leave your luggage in our inn, pack light and do a 2-4 days hike
in the Mt. Hotaka / Mt. Yarigatake area, stay in the mountain huts/lodge
(may cost around 8500yen with dinner and breakfast) or camp in the destinated area (cheaper rates).
If you do not have the camping equipments with you, we do have equipments such as sleeping bags,
stove, tents for rental for your stay in the deep mountains during the summer season.
When the trip is over, you can return back to our inn.





Yarisawa, nishi-/Johnenn-dake
fr. Tengubara

Yakedake(Active Volcano)
<<Things to Note about Climbing a Mountain >>
- Check whether if the trails are passable and whether if there are any dangerous spots
- Discuss, bring forward your plan of climbing the mountain
- Include sufficient time in your itineary, get a detailed map and prepare well for the trip
- Bring back your own gabbage!
Let's do our part to protect the Nature:-)

Mt. Norikura
Autumn Colors
Japan Atlas Kamikochi