This is the Hut
dedicated to the Smokers!

Surrounded by the fresh air and the greenery of the Norikura plateau,
with the murmurings of the streams echoing in your ears,
please enjoy that "Tasty Puff" of your cigarette over here!
Yes! We have setup a
Smoking Hut just right in front of the doorstep!

Although we do have regular customers who love to smoke,
we now have this non-smoking policy in our inn.
We are very sorry to bring much inconvenience
to these important customers.

proprietor Osamu's mumblings
It has been about 25 years since I left tobacco...
Actually, when I was in New York,
there was a period of time when I could not live without it.
However, ever since I started to quit smoking,
my sense of taste returned,
and I am able to appreciate much more food!
It took us8  years to make Mizushiro a non-smoking inn.
When we first tried to make Mizushiro a all non-smoking inn,
the reservations from the adults became fewer and fewer,
it was really very serious!
Then we found out that, we would not be able to
achieve our targets
without long term planning.
So, each year, we gradually reduced the number of
smoking areas in our inn.

Inorder to compensate the inconveniences that we brought to
the smokers, we setup a Smoking Hut in front of the doorstep,
and with this, we have suceeded.

Right now, there is only fresh air and
no uneasiness from the cigarette smoke in the inn.
And if you wish to smoke,
you could do it without any reservation,
over at the Smoking Hut outside the inn,
and enjoy the freshness brought by the woods and
the music of the flowing streams.

Sometimes, we do hear from our regular customers,
"I've quitted smoking!"

and we might joke that,
"Well.. we have setup this Smoking Hut for YOU!
And YOU.. !"

But we are very glad for you.

We really appreciate all the
understanding and support
that each of you has given us in all these years,
to make our inn a non-smoking one a reality.
We earnestly seek your support in future.
Thank you very much.

"Anyone can quit smoking program"
Japanese-American Wellness Institute

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