<Jul, 1st - Oct, 31st>

Mt. Norikura draws the graceful curves
at the southern part of the Northern Alps.
Starting with the main "Sword" peak 3026m, it has 23 peaks,
7 crater lakes, 8 extends of plains.
It has been specially designated as the protected area of the National Park.

Snow grouse is appointed as her special natural monument.
Exquisites alpine flora and fauna can be found over here.

Norikura mountain top,
which houses the Corona / Cosmic Rays Observatory,
is the ideal spot for observing the sky...
Viewing the nightsky filled with stars or
Catching the first rays of sun rising from the mountains,
with clouds beneath oneself,
Anyone will be moved and purified by these scenes.

Although Mt. Norikura Tatamidaira(elevation 2,702m)
is not accessible by private vehicles,
please by all means, come and visit via the quiet Echo Line or Sky Line
and catch the magnificence of the Mt. Hotaka range
  as well as the beauty of the delicate alpine flora.

Sitting in the wide window shuttle bus,
you could enjoy the above-clouds panaroma views
and be greatly impressed by the mountain scenaries
that spread before your eyes.

" Live Webcam Mt.Norikura "
Ministry of the Environment

Norikura Kogen
Elevation height 1,200m - 3,026m

You can enjoy brilliant colors of the autumn spreading from bottom of the hills
to top of the mountains, for a month!
<mid. September - late October>

Accessible by private vehicles farther to
Sanbon-taki Waterfalls.

<< Mini-Bus to Explore Norikura Kogen>>

‘ Kanko Centre
(Starting Point)
Λ ‘ Sanbondaki Falls
i13min away fr Start Time)
‘ Ichinosei29minj ...... Λ ‘ Igaya Recreation Landi34minj.... Λ
‘ NaranokiiBus stop) Λ ‘ Norikura Community Hall (41minj ...@ Λ
‘ Return trip: Back to the Tourist Centre by the main road (50 minj

These are the methods that can bring you to the top of Norikura
from the Tourist Center at Suzuran of Norikura Kogen.

<< Shuttle Bus for Tatamidaira >>

The destination is the bus terminal (about 2,700m elevation), near the top of Mt. Norikura.
The bus schedule for 1st July - 31st October is as below:
<<Tourist Center => Tatamidaira>>
6:00 - 16:00 (Jul/Aug/Sep)
7:00 - 16:00 (Oct)
Departs at 0 min of every hour, every 1 hour interval
<<Tatamidaira => Tourist Center>>
7:10 - 17:00 (Jul/Aug/Sep)
8:10 - 17:00 (Oct)
Departs at 0 min of every hour, every 1 hour interval

- You can board/alight at 57th min of every hour from Naranoki bus stop near Mizushiro.
- As for the bus fare, it's the same no matter where you board, or how many times you alight/board.
- Return Trip 2,500JPY/One Way 1,450JPY.
- Required time - about 50 min.

<< Bus for Catching the Sunrise at Mt. Norikura >>

Waiting high up in the mountain..

Before your eyes are..
the Hotaka range of mountains projecting out from the sea of clouds,
the peaks of the Northern Alps, Central and Southern Alps,
and the rays of sunlight that brightened up Nagano.
Your spirits soar high, as high as the sky can go.

<< Tourist Center <=> Tatamidaira >> Return Trip Bus: 2,500JPY
- Tourist Center ==> Tatamidaira Sunrise(around) Tatamidaira ==> Tourist Center
Jul 3:40 4:30 4:50AM 5:30 6:20
Aug 3:40 4:30 5:00AM 5:30 6:20
Sep 4:20 5:10 5:20AM 6:00 6:50
No bus service from Oct onwards because of snow.
Alpico BusTimeTable

photographed by Mr. A. RYOBE

If you would like to leave the world behind you,
spend your time with the nature alone,
and hike to your heart's contents..

Yarigatake & Hotaka Range

Other than Mt. Norikura that can be attempted easily,
would you like to try trekking to the Hotaka Rang
with Oku-Hotaka-dake as the central, and her neigbours
Nishi-Hotakadake at the west, Mae-Hotakadake,
Kita-Hotakadake at the north..
and even to the spear-like Yarigatake!

Japan Alps is the area for mountaineering in Japan!

Encounters with the exquisites alpine plants and animals
will make your hike a pleasant one,
and the view from the top of the magnificent Alps at the end of the hike,
will definitely take your breath away!

It'll be something that you will never forget.

Avoid the seasons when the trails are still covered with snow.
It will be a hiking course that even beginners can challenge and enjoy.

Autumn Colors Visitor's Centre Kamikochi