Explore Norikura by Mini-Bus!


This is a new bus service to assist you in exploring Norikura Kogen!
The mini-bus operates 6 times a day, in the following specified days.
summer till early autumn)

Operating Dates:  July/17, 18, 24,31
Aug/7,13, 14, 15, 21
Sep/23, 24, 25
Oct/8, 9, 10
Bus Fare:  500yen(a day) 250yen/children
Operationg Hours:  -9:20 till 11:20 (Every hour before noon, frequency: 3 times)
13:20 till 15:20 (Every hour after noon, frequency: 3 times)
Bus Route:
Kanko Centre (Starting Point) ==> Sanbon Falls(15min away fr Start Time) ==>
Ichinose(34min)...................... ==> Igaya Recreation Land(39min)........... ==>
Naranoki-zaka(Bus stop) ==> Norikura Community Hall (41min)..... ==>
Return trip: Back to the Kanko Centre by the main road (53 min).

<<About the Bus Ticket>>
- Purchase of Bus Ticket: At the Kanko Center ticket counter or in the bus(however you would needto have small change to purchase the ticket).
- With this ticket, the bus that you can take is limited to "Norikura Kogen Shuuyuu (Excursion) Bus".
- You cannot take the route bus that service between Shinshimashima and Norikura Kogen, or the shuttle bus between Norikura Kogen and Norikura Tatamidaira with this ticket.
- However, you may connect to the shuttle bus bound for Tatamidaira and purchase the ticket when on board on the Tatamidaira bus, only if you are boarding from bus-stops that are located below the Kanko Center and within the Norikura Kogen area.
- You can use this excursion bus with "Kamikochi/Norikura coupon".

Norikura Heights Excursion Bus