Apr.18, 2021
      from Alpine Inn Mizushiro  
    - The day before yesterday, Sueko was taken to Shinshu University Hospital by Doctor-Heli (air ambulance).

She had an emergency operation for pulmonary thromboembolism (a dangerous illness in which blood vessels in the lungs become clogged and could cause sudden difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and sometimes cardiac arrest). An incision was made in her chest, an artificial cardiopulmonary apparatus/ECMO was attached, and thrombosis in the pulmonary artery was extracted. So far, her condition has stablised.

The surgeon mentioned that blood clots can be seen in other areas such as in her lower limbs so Sueko has to stay under observation. If the post-operative course is good/goes without complication, Sueko can be discharged in 10-14 days...

    - I, Sueko's husband, wasn't around during the emergency. Due to her neighbor's wit, she was taken to the nearest hospital then to the university hospital.

Shohei, our son finished work early, rushed to the hospital and accompanied his mother until midnight.
I received an email from him with details about the operation after the surgery. I was able to confirm with him on the phone that the surgery was performed without problems. I was so relieved! So was Shohei!

I was contacted by my sister about what happened to Sueko, when I returned to my place of stay at Hachioji, after completing radiotherapy treatment at the Cancer Center i-ROCK. I was notified about a year ago to undergo treatment at the Shinshu University Hospital. I am receiving intensive care from the beginning of this month till April 23. Everyday was nerve-wracking. Fortunately, my treatment went smoothly as planned, and so far I received the treatment without any particular complications.

It happened that one of my older brothers had surgery to remove cancer on that day, and I was in contact with my family about the situation. It was a difficult operation and it took about 14 hours (till 22:30). But he was able to receive the operation as scheduled. And we were all very grateful to the doctor in charge and everyone in the team.

It felt like the longest day in this Reiwa era... and we were so grateful that our prayers were answered and the surgery went well.

Nothing seems to be of any good news lately. But I think we should let you know what's going on here to avoid any misunderstanding. Hence, I decided to write this message here.

If Sueko recovers smoothly, she can be discharged from the hospital around Golden Week, early May. And after a month or so, she will be able to finish her rehabilitation and return to her normal life ... Her resilience is extra-ordinary. Don't forget she is a former New Yorker!!!
As for myself, I jog for an hour everyday, without any problems. I am doing my best not to become a grumpy grandfather.

We are thinking probably, it will be around the after the rainy season, late July that we can start picking you up.
But before then, we are not be able to do so. We thank you for your understanding.

In addition, if there is something I would like to let you know, I will write it here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Arigato gozaimasu,

Alpine Inn Mizushiro
Osamu Miyahara

Chubusangaku National Park  Japan Alps